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Muriel H. Wright, "Seal of The Cherokee Nation." The Chronicles of Oklahoma, Volume XXXIV (Summer, 1956): original painting by Guy C. Reid. at the official Western Cherokee Web Site The Cherokee Nation

I Forget where I got this but I did obtain it from the author and I do want to give him credit

The Cherokee Rose "Graphic by Golden Ink, North Georgia's innovative design group"

Legend of the Cherokee Rose

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"The Trail of Tears"

Painting by Robert Lindneux in the Woolaroc Museum, Bartlesville, Okaloma

In the fall and winter of 1838-1839, the Cherokees were driven from their homes and pushed along a dreary march westward.
Of sixteen thousand who started that miserable journey, more than four thousand died along the way from disease, hunger and exposure. The march lasted nearly a year and ever after it was known as:
"The Trail Where They Cried..."
"Getsika Hvda Anegvi....."

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This is the lastest Map of the Trail we will use

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