A Letter from Perry Singleton


The purpose of this letter is two fold. First, I would like to introduce myself and give some insight to who I am. My name is Perry Singleton. I am of Cherokee/Blackfoot descent. I have always been proud of that heritage and have always been attentive to native issues.

I began attending local pow-wows, but it was not long before I recognized that very little was to be learned about my heritage. It was not until I met a Western Cherokee at a pow-wow, who had lived in both Oklahoma and North Carolina, that I found out how little I really knew and how great the need for me to go home. . Although I have been some what accepted, I still feel a separation in the heart. I know it is indirectly, if not directly, caused by the removals. I have also felt the need to return to our ancestral home-lands by way of the Trail of Tears. I know that this may sound a little excessive, but I have always been an adventurous person. I have been on several outdoor treks, but I have never attempted one of this magnitude. However, I believe that the potential benefits far out weigh the possible hardships.

I started work on this over a year ago for the reasons mentioned earlier. I began by casually talking to people about my idea. The responses I received were very positive. Late last year, I started looking seriously into the feasibility of such an undertaking. I found that the National Park Service had designated the Trail of Tears as a national trail. They have a wealth of information with maps, site identification etc..

There is also a national organization:

Trail of Tears Association

1100 N. University, Ste. 133

Little Rock, Ar. 72207-6344.

They have been very helpful too. During my search for information, I also read a publication called the American Indian Digest 1995 Edition. After reading the commentary(specifically those dealing with unity) and comments from others, I realized that I must use my resourcefulness and marketing skills to promote this as a national event. If I didn't, would it not be a dishonor to the creator who gave them to me? As well as, selfish not to share the experience?

My goal is not to re-enact the trail but to symbolically undo. We want it to be more recreational. As the schedule indicates, we have planned events; pow-wows, arts and craft festivals, and similar events, at major stops along the trail. These events will be used to promote awareness, educate the public, and fund raisers for the organizations promoting the event.

I would also like to take the time to point out that I see myself as a facilitator and a participant only. I do not intend or pretend to represent anyone. But, I do believe that I am obligated to set an example. One thing I have learned is that we have three true priorities in life:

1. Love and respect for the Creator.

2. Love and respect for others.

3. Love and respect for oneself.

I am only trying to fulfill that obligation. I am grateful and honored that you have taken the time to read this letter.

Thank You.

Perry D. Singleton

And now a few words from our Sponsor

Nov 13,97

My name is Sean Joice aka Awohali to my Net friends. I am half Cherokee {Half Irish {Father Cherokee Mother Irish} and I started this Page in a late Sept of '97 after seeing Perry's Original Post in the alt.native Newsgroup requesting assistance, so I jumped right in and started the Page without consulting Perry Prior and then after I had done the intial Draft I notified him. I should say I was so drawn to this project I just felt it was the thing to do and I was chosen to do it I have made mistakes and I still have alot to go but I am pretty proud of what we have here I say we because I couldn't have done it If I didn't get a lot of encouragement from people Like You

I was not raised traditionally and I am still learning about my Heritage and Will continue to probably for the rest of my life but I know in my heart this the Path I was chosen to follow.

When I started this I thought my only contribution to this would be building and Maintaining the pages however it gone beyond that I intend to meet Perry along the walk hopefully the begining the Middle and the End I know my responsibilities will not allow me to partake in the complete trip but I will be with them in spirit

at this point we have contacted the Nations and we do have an Itinary which will be published in the future I also reply to all E-mail and people that sign the guestbook I will try to help you if you request it or I maybe can refer you someplace that can. I am currently having a problem with my Mail server and when I have one that works I will reply

And for those of you that have asked I live in Minneapolis Minnesota We also have a chat group on mIRC TOT98 channel that I go to quite frequntly and we will allow a forum of discussion when everyone involved can get it to work

Thank You for your Support and visiting our Page

Sean Joice Webmaster

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