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Legend of the Cherokee Rose

When the Trail of Tears started in 1838, the mothers of the Cherokee were grieving and crying so much, they were unable to help their children survive the journey. The elders prayed for a sign that would lift the motherís spirits to give them strength. The next day a beautiful rose began to grow where each of the motherís tears fell.

The rose is white for their tears; a gold center represents the gold taken from Cherokee lands, and seven leaves on each stem for the seven Cherokee clans.

The wild Cherokee Rose grows along the route of the Trail of Tears into eastern Oklahoma today.

Source: The Cherokee 1994 Heritage Calendar by
Dorothy Sullivan, Memoray Circle Studio, Norman, Ok.

This as been adopted as the the "Official Logo" for the ToT 1998 in remembrance of the ones who took the Journey against their will which we are trying to symbolically "undo".

This page is not my concept but it is my creation with the help of others I have only Given my Web Page as
"Official Trail of Tears 1998"
location to find out info and I will update as new information is obtained.

All feedback is appreciated and will be reviewed.

I feel this a Honorable Venture to Pay Tribute to my Ancestors as well as other indigenous people's. I will take suggestions and submissions related to this and any associated subjects.

Mitakuye Oyasin...We are all related!

Sean A Joice


Created Sept 6 1997

Overview (April 27 through August 2)

We are a totally informal group who share a desire to walk the Trail of Tears. Our goal is not to re-enact but to symbolically undo and to honor our ancestors. Consequently, we intend to walk the trail from west to east.

There will be tears this time as well but not of sorrow. They will be tears of joy because we will be going home.

All have their own reasons for wanting to do so, but the most predominate seems to promote unity in one form or another. Therefore, we invite all who want to join us to do so. We understand not everyone has the time to make the entire trip, but feel free to join us even if it is just for a week or a weekend.

We will began our journey with a week long symposium offered by the National Trail of Tears Association at their annual conference. The meeting will be hosted by the Oklahoma State Chapter of the association. The annual conference is open to anyone who is interested in the Trail of Tears.

Anyone wishing to attend the conference must contact the association to pre-register regardless of whether you plan to participate in the walk or not. They may be contacted at the following address:

Trail of Tears Association

1100 N. University Suite 133 Little Rock,

AR 72207

You do not have to attend the symposium to participate in the walk. They are totally independent of each other. We decided to coordinate our starting date with their conference. Also, camping is available where the conference is located that can be used as a gathering point.

We have arranged or coordinated with various events along our route to benefit the organizations hosting the events. Specifics concerning the events can also be accessed below. Due to various circumstances, we do not plan to stay on one specific trail associated with the Trail of Tears, but, for the most part, we will remain on the northern route or close to one of the others. Details of our specific route can be accessed at Contacts of Events page.

Our journey will end August 2, 1998, at the historical area Red Clay. Red Clay, located in southeastern Tennesse, is the location where the Cherokee Nation held council prior to the Trail of Tears. It seems to be the most appropriate place to end because it was the last place that the Cherokee people had gathered as a single nation.

Our prayer is that someday everyone will gather as one.

Mission Statement:

Our primary objectives are to promote unity, create awareness, and educate the public about the truth concerning the unwarranted hardships that American Indians have endured in the past and the present.

Vision Statement:

We would like to see a gathering of all nations at Hulbert, Oklahoma, during the week of April 27- May 1, 1998. We invite all nations because each one has endured some sort of removal. We will begin our walk of the "trail where they cried..." on May 1. We hope that the nations that do not begin with us will at some point join us.

Work in Progress:

1. Most of the initial ground work for the events along the trail have been completed.

2. Establish a network along trail to help with distribution of food, mail,camp sites, ect. At this point, this is our weak spot. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

3. A web site dedicated to the Trail of Tears 1998 located at:

4. An invitation to all nations asking them to send a representative and inform anyone else who may be interested in participating. The amount of impact will be directly related to the amount of participation.

5. Establish a fund for those who have indicated that they can not actually participate in the walk, but would like to make our trip a little more pleasant. Any remaining funds will be donated to an organization promoting unity.

At this point, we are open to recommendations.

Thank you,


Perry Singleton

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Updated April 16, 1998 and I have no concept of how much time I spent on it

Only & 11 Day's until the journey begins Good Luck Perry

wa`do na s gi ha i hi a a da wa dv di (Thank You for the Visit)

i `he do lv `i. (Come Again.)

Getsika Hvda Anegvi..... (The Trail Where They Cried...)

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