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Trail of Tears
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I am a Cherokee/Irish native and this my attempt to bring the Tribes Together. I am attempting to live my life my life on a Good Red Path but I need your help I was separated from my father when I was young and I was raised by my White Mother so probably the Most Important Lesson's in finding out about my Heritage has been lost but I refuse to believe the answers aren't out there.

So I will take any Input from any Tribes to try to help me in My Quest.

Primarily this Site is For my own personal learning and A presence on the Net. I am aware that there is a lot out there and I am not trying be the biggest, Just Good Quality for the Price $$$ Free Did you hear That Yes Free.......................... Free

Now I admit I do want to make Money with eventually but I will very honest about it and will give you more Than Your money's worth

So far there are Four Pages here with A GuestBook Please Sign and Give Feedback It will help me Tremedously. I am new to Site Design so please be be kind.

A lot of links To Some site I have found. I have Quite A few Native Related Sites, However there are some Personal Success, Positive Sites and fun sites also. I update regularly So Check back For New sites

This Page is subject to change without notice or any intent and as many Web Pages are so please bear with me and my whims

Wado For your visit

I have been here much for quite a while however I do intend to get back to this I seem to have forgotten why I set up my own piece of Cyber Space