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Another American Indian's Page

This my second attempt at building a Web Page and It will eventually become a Business Site although it is not progressing in that direction more or less going toward a subject vastly more important Native American issues

Also because I don't know how to automatically get back to my pages use your Browsers back button to return here

As many know people original intent and What develop's are 2 different things as you will see by looking at these pages

The Following Images is to Increase Awareness of Plight of the Native American Indian in Today's Society

1)Specifically Leonard Peltier of the infamous Rosebud Incident Something our Government Refuses to Honestly Explain

2)Trail of Tears

3)Raptor Center of U of M

><>><<>><<>><><>><<>><<>><><>><<>><<>><><>><<>><<>><><>><<>><<>><><>><<>< September 12th is Leonard Peltier's birthday.Please do not forget this important date!!! Cards, softcover books, and POSTAL money orders can be sent to:

Leonard Peltier,

89637-132, Box 1000,

LVN,KS 66048. ><>><<>><<>><><>><<>><<>><><>><<>><<>><><>><<>><<>><><>><<>><<>><><>><<><

The Cherokee Rose "Graphic by Golden Ink, North Georgia's innovative design group"

Legend of the Cherokee Rose

This is My First Award for my Pages Thanks..... to all of You

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