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Chattnooga, Tn. the Eighth Event

Trail of Tears 1998 Event Schedule and Route Information

Chattanooga, Tn. .................................July 24-26

1st Annual Native American Gathering/Festival

We will be departing Nashville on 41/70S to McMinnville. Separating once again from the auto tour route, we will take 8 south from Mcminnville to 127 south on into Chattanooga, Tn. We have a cultural event and a Pow Wow scheduled here.

Contact Name :

The Tennessee Chapter Trail of Tears Association

Tammera D. Hicks, President:

Phone & Fax: (423) 892-9357


The Tennessee Chapter Trail of Tears Association will be having their 1st Annual Native American Gathering/Festival to be held at Ross's Landing in downtown Chattanooga, Tennesee on July 24, 25 and 26 to honor the removal of the five civilized tribes in 1838. The event will include native american foods, storytelling, non-competitive dancing, jewelry, pottery, woodcarving, wildlife and more.

The time and price are as follows:

Adults: $5.00

Children: $3.00

12 & under: FREE

Schools are Welcome 10am-5pm

Friday: 10am - 10pm

Saturday: 9am - 10pm

Sunday: 10am - 8pm

Should any vendor or dancer wish to participate please contact the following: Tammera D. Hicks, President: (423) 892-9357 Phone & Fax Email Camping & Housing will be available. Please contact us at the number above. This event is to honor our ancestors who did survive and are returning back to their homeland. This being the 160 year anniversary of the forced removal in 1838. We invite everyone to come and be with us at this special event that will become an annual event. We welcome you.

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