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Hopkinsville, Ky....The Sixth Event

Trail of Tears 1998 Event Schedule and Route Information

Hopkinsville, Ky. ................................July 3-5

Arts and Crafts Festival / Interpretative

From from Vienna IL we will be Traveling east on 146 to Golconda, Il. We will again be attempting to get ferryed across the Ohio River into Kentucky as before and take 60 east and south on 91. But if unable to acquire transportation across because there is no longer a ferry here either, we will continue on with the auto tour route and cross the river onto highway 91 south. We travel through Princeton and on into Hopkinsville, Ky. Another arts and craft festival is planned here as well and hosted by the Trail of Tears Commission.

Contact Name :

Trail of Tears Commission Inc.

P.O. Box 4027

Hopkinsville, Ky. 42241

(502) 886-8033

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