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Vienna, Il......EVENT CANCELED

Trail of Tears 1998 Event Schedule and Route Information

Vienna, Il.


We would like to see a gathering of all nations at Hulbert, Oklahoma, during the week of April 27- May 1, 1998. We invite all nations because each one has endured some sort of removal. We will begin our walk of the "trail where they cried..." ======= "Getsika Hvda Anegvi.... " on May 1. We hope that the nations that do not begin with us will at some point join us.

This is the Fifth point and the Directions for the gathering are:

Leaving the auto tour route, we will continue east on highway 60 until Cabool where we will be turning north on 63 until Licking, Mo. From there we turn east on 32 to 21 south near Belleview to 72 east at Ironton, Mo. At the intersection of 67 and and 72 we will again be returning to the auto tour route. Continuing on 72 east into Cape Girardeau, Mo., where will make our way to the Trail of Tears SP.

We are attempting to get ferryed across the Mississippi River from there as before but a ferry no longer exists. If unable to secure transportation, we will continue on across the bridge onto highway 146 to Vienna, Il. Contact Name and Event Info:

Trail of Tears Assoc. State Chapter

1575 Fair City Rd.

Jonesboro, Il. 62952

(618) 833-8697

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