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In Memory of the Man I Never Knew

I am writing this Page to Pay Tribute to a Man Whom I never personaly met However he has a great Impact on my life Nonetheless.

In Memory of Leftridge C. Joice 1937-1995

I hope you will always walk with the Grandfather and I will meet you there


Brother's & Sister's

Iam Half Cherokee and Half Irish both Parents Full Blood

Being born a Half-Breed and raised White, they broke up before I was born. I was truly a man without a Culture so It of course cost me a great Deal of Stuggles within I was Angry, Mad, Ashamed, Confused, Sad, Proud and countless other things. I no longer worry about. I have chosen to Follow the Path the Creator has chosen for me.

I have finnaly come to the conclusion that although we never met he gave me a Heritage to be proud of and which I Can and Do claim !!!!

I am Cherokee............ I am an American Indian

I do not claim to know everything to following the Red Path I have now chosen but with other's like myself and some patience on my part. I plan to visit the land of my Father and look to my Brother's and Ask for love and Support that only they can provide for I will come Home.

With the help of Others I know my Quest will be fulfilled

I have written this because in my search for him I have just found out that he Died 2 years ago although it I has hurt me I feel that this is a better outlet than being angry with what I can not Change I guess I am making progress

I Now as always claim my name proudly and promise to follow the path you left for me follow

I appreciate the time you have spent here and say


Started on Aug 19, 1997 Modified December 21, 1997

The Cherokee Rose "Graphic by Golden Ink, North Georgia's innovative design group"

Legend of the Cherokee Rose

Cherokee People by: Paul Revere and The Raiders

Cherokee People Paul Revere and the Raiders (Flip side of "Birds of a Feather" 45rpm)

They took the whole Cherokee Nation

Put us on this reservation

Took away our ways of life

The Tomahawk and the bow and knife

(what about the BLOWGUN!!) ;) -- my comment every time I hear this.

Took away our native tounge

and taught their English to our young

and all the beads we made by hand

are now-a-days made in Japan


Cherokee people

Cherokee Tribe

so proud to live

so proud to die

They took the whole Indian nation

locked us on this reservation

Though I wear a shirt, a tie

I'm still part red man deep inside


Cherokee people

Cherokee Tribe

so proud to live

so proud to die

But maybe someday when they've learned

Cherokee Nation will return

will return

will return

will return


The above text contains my opinions, not IBM's. Unless otherwise stated.


Mitakuye Oyasin, JT Waya Gola Shupe


I am not putting this here to offend or accept our way of life as it is now this is a song that I grew up with and I feel it summarizes how I have felt through out my life.

I am Cherokee I am Proud of my heritage and the Nation will Return


Indian Pledge of Allegiance

I pledge allegiance to my Tribe, to the democratic principles of the Republic and to the individual freedoms borrowed from the Iroquois and Choctaw Confederacies, as incorporated in the United States Constitution, so that my forefathers shall not have died in vain

The Indian Pledge of Allegiance was first presented on 2 December '93 during the opening address of the National Congress of American Indian Tribal-States Relations Panel in Reno, NV. NCAI plans distribution of the Indian Pledge to all Indian Nations.